Sunday, July 8, 2012

Nail Stickers + Bike Riding!

I recently just bought these and I put them on already!

They're really cute...they're blue with little blue birds on them!

sorry for my dry hands ;___;

I got mine from my local Sephora store but you can buy them online too. Also I have tried the Sally Hansen brand ones too and they're cheaper and just as effective but the Sephora ones come in different colors. I had enough left over to do my big toes too! ;)

Also I am EXHAUSTED. I rode motorcycles for 2 days now! Sorry I don't have a photo. It was like, 108F (42C for y'all metric using folk!) @___@; It was bananas. It was my first time learning and It was definitely hard at first. Once I got the hang of using the clutch and break together, it wasn't so bad. Gear shifting was annoying as heck but that's probably because the transmission of the learner bikes had been roughed up so many times by people forgetting to use the clutch properly, e.g. when shifting gears! I was totally guilty of that. I didn't fall off, but one guy did. He gripped his right break too hard and nearly did a stoppie. Scary! Haha. And then he fell. Ouch! I did drop the bike once but it was no big deal, just killed the engine and had a hard time getting it back up again! Bike is heavy! 250lb+ and I am a mere 130....maybe. 138 now, haha, I am getting chunky. ;)

My boyfriend Sean, and I took the class together. We didn't get our endorsement yet but we'll probably apply for a learners permit, get a cheap bike, and ride during the day time in parking lots to practice. All of our practicing was done in a HUGE roped-off, very safe (yet tar-filled) parking lot behind the community college. We rode on Suzuki GZ250s. I really liked this bike!

So how are you all doing? Ever ride a motorcycle before? Ever use nail stickers before? Sorry this post is so random. Nails and bikes, oh my! LOL. :)

Also I bought a new outfit at Urban Outfitters this past weekend. I REALLY REALLY love it but my boyfriend hates it! :(

Click below to see a couple of post is already getting long. ;)

I tried on two different colors. I also got a necklace! I can't wait to post the full outfit with my UNIF Hellbound shoes!! :D



I ended up buying pink even though I think green looks better because I can coordinate my skirt with more of my wardrobe colors. ;)

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  1. I never tried nail stickers, but as I'm lazy, I'm quite interested in the matter.
    I love motorbikes, in particular Harley Davidson *W* But I'm a bit scared by the idea of riding one atm. I'm still studying for my dirver license.
    I prefer the green, but I would have chosen the pink for the same reason. It's not my style but it doesn't look bad at all!