Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

Independence day for America....otherwise known as a day off from work for me. ;)

Didn't do too much today. Sad that my boyfriend has work tonight, though. Of course, leave it to the casino to schedule him tonight. Last night I brought him some homemade chocolate chip cookies with red white and blue sugar on top as a surprise! He shared them with the other poker dealers too, hehe so cute. ^^

I decided I'd post some swatches of the new Fyrinnae eyeshadows I got. The photos kinda suck though because it's really hard to get natural light in my photos in this crappy little apartment with south-facing windows. D:

Oh and I should also mention.... I BOUGHT A HOUSE! OMG. It's so exciting!

Here's a photo of the front:

Click here to see photos of the inside. The furniture isn't mine, it's the previous owner, and we're in the process of buying it from him right now, so he's moving his stuff out right now and we'll go furniture shopping for new things soon! ^___^ the garden is gonna be EPIC lemme tell ya! ;)

Click below for makeupy stuff. xD

Fyrinnae New Eyeshadows! I talked about them briefly in this post.

Aye, Captain, Space Kitty, Superstars, When I Grow Up, and Cupcake Frosting.

The jar of white stuff is "fluff" one of their face products. It's a setting powder.
Also I got the golden lip lustre called Isis. See swatches below. xD

And swatches:

OH MY GOD. I think these may be my new favorite eyeshadows from an Indie makeup company. SO gorgeous. The glittery bits in them aren't technically glitter, if I recall correctly, so now I am wondering wtf they actually are? My magical faerie dust! FO SHO.

I also tried Samples of this Kawaii Set from Shiro Cosmetics. I'd heard a lot of things about them but never really tried them before. It was $7.00 for the sample set plus shipping, I think. I will have to do an actual review sometime soon! LOL.

(WTF, Photobucket...I rotated the photo but it's still displaying vertically... *sigh* I give up, lol!)


  1. OMG A HOUSE *O* It looks awesome! It seems so big and beautiful from the photos, in particular I love the livingroom and the kitchen, I love the wood and stone. And it also has a wardobe room and an exercise room and a fireplace? O_O OMG you're so lucky! And a hard worker I think.
    I'm not used to big spaces, in Italy to have a big house with a garden and in particular a detached house is something only rich people can do, even if it's more frequent in small cities on the mountains or in the countryside.
    The eyeshadows look great! Actually I see the last photo orizontally.

    1. Aw thanks! And it's interesting to hear about that. I have never been to Italy, so I don't know what it's like! I would love to visit someday! :)

  2. Like you banner a lott. You've also been tagged by me on the Liebster Blog Award! Hop on to my blog to know more! :)