Sunday, May 19, 2013

Return to my old ways: Metamorphose Dim Light and Moitie Silent Moon

Two posts in one weekend? I'm on a roll, dammit.

But anyway, I kinda "left" lolita for a while, and I am now just looking into it again, but realizing 90% of my wardrobe really doesn't suit me anymore. I look at stuff I own now and these are the various things going through my head:

- I am never going to wear this again!
- Well, I MIGHT wear this, but only for a meet-up or con.
- Oh wait, I don't GO to meet-ups anymore and if I DO go to a con, it's once per year and I'm usually in cosplay or Oops.
- I want to sell this but I'm too lazy to take pics/type up eglsales entry.
- I don't want to sell this, I want to keep it as a collector's item, but I doubt it will appreciate in value unless I hang onto it for a good 20+ more years!
- I don't wear sweet anymore but I guess I could rock this in a himegyaru coordinate.
- Oh wait, I don't even really wear gyaru anymore either, because I am too lazy to do all the make-up and hair.
- Ah, fuck...!

*insert other various ramblings here*

Yeahhhh. So I am trying to FORCE myself to sell some of my lolita clothing I no longer wear/want. But sadly it's something of a challenge. If you scroll to the bottom of this, though, there's a bit about me trying to sell my Moitie dress, haha. I had it for a few years and I've only worn it once, so make an offer or something. ~__~;

But anyway....Lately I noticed these two prints...

This is "Dim Light" print by Metamorphose. It came in Dark Red as well as Dark Green but really the Dark Blue/Navy is the best color in my opinion.

I don't really own any dark blue dresses except for a Moitie sundress which I am attempting to sell.

Here's a close-up of this spectacular print!

So gorg! And perfect for goth/classic!

Aside from Dim Light, which I will probably never find, I positively adore this Moitie Print called Silent Moon!

This is another nice photo of the dress, but I am not sure who took it...

Simply divine! But it probably costs like $500. -___-;;;

I also adore this version though I like gold less:

Anyone have any more info about either of these prints or is willing to sell hers to me? :D

PS: I am selling a Moi-meme-Moitie Sundress!