Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hologram Litas + Hologram Brazen Platforms for SALE! + My New Lotus Elise!! :)

So unfortunately my UNIF dress from the previous post ended up BREAKING after I was trying it on a second time. I was so bummed. I already sent it back to Dolls Kill...I am hoping they can at least give me store credit for it so I can get a new one. Bah. I plan to fix the rivets on the new one with felt stickies, if I can. They won't do cash refunds at all which kinda blows but I did want a replacement dress. What a bummer. UNIF quality is usually pretty good but this one was a miss! I was barely even pulling on the elastic and it broke. MEH.

Anyway that mini-rant aside, I DID end up getting these gorgeous beauties in the mail last week which I do plan to wear with my rainbow dress:

Can you tell I have a mild hologram shoe obsession?! LOL. And that's putting it lightly.

Hologram all the things!!! xD

I bought them as replacements for my Hologram Brazen platforms, actually, also by JC...because I bought them in size 9.5 US and they don't fit my size 9 feet. It was an attempt to get these babies in my closet and Nasty Gal had run out of all the size 9's which seriously bummed me I thought I'd stuff them with the Doctor Scholl's gel stuff (from a couple of posts back) and while it DID work....the straps just didn't feel right. I guess the strap is proportionate to the shoe size or something. Anyway, it wasn't working out, and I wanted these to go to a good home.

They're listed on eBay right now, here is the link to the auction:

I hate eBay in general for selling things because of all the damn fees. But I could sell these to someone outside of eBay as long as Paypal is being used. And if that's the case, I can lower the price to what I paid $120 + shipping. But yeah...I really hope someone buys these because I know I won't wear them. It's sad because they are WAY more comfy than Litas in general which tend to run a little narrow. I am hoping JC comes out with even more hologram shoes. Considering how much it's trending right now, I'd put money on it! I also love black hologram so I hope they come out with some of that sort of stuff too. ;)


Also I am SUPER pumped because I just bought a new car!!! It's a Lotus Elise!! It's dark green with tan interior, and it's totally sublime! A lot of people in the US don't know of Lotus as it's a British company from what I understand. Totally in love...and it's supposed to be here Wednesday so here's a sneak-peek! ;)

I promise more car porn photos soon! But I need to get the oil line replaced as that part was recalled.

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  1. The car looks really awesome!

    I tought of buying a pair of ologram flats like yours, but I think they won't fit my wardrobe at all XD