Saturday, May 11, 2013

UNIF dress review... Pastel Harness Dress

So in case you guys didn't know by now, I fucking love the shit out of UNIF!!!!


And recently I decided (after seeing many girls looking fly on Instagram) that I would buy this harness dress from dolls kill.
Product Page

I was pretty pumped to get it in the mail Friday. It didn't take long to ship (and free shipping as well!) and I was excited till I tried the dress on.

I was worried I would look pregnant in it, but that's not the case, although it's definitely akin to an empire-waist. What really irks me about this gorgeous dress is the fact that the metal rivets used to attach the plastic straps are PAINFUL as fuck on my skin! What genius thought to make it this way and not put some type of backing on the rivets? :( Seriously....did I get a defective dress or something? Has anyone purchased this dress and had the same problem as me? I mean, geez...

I wonder if it's like this on ALL of their harness dresses, or just this one??

Anyway, here's a quick pic I snapped of me wearing it. I'll see if I can post some better close-ups tomorrow. :-S

I want to keep this gorgeous thing, considering I just got holographic Litas to go with it (!!) but I will need to make some adjustments to it first. Otherwise, it's perfect! Great colors and length, although I worry about washing it, as I washed another dip-dyed UNIF garment, and it made the colors bleed like mad! :(

Would like to hear from others who own this dress!!



  1. I've heard their dress quality can be pretty hit and miss but a dress shouldnt be painful D: D:


    1. I agree! D: And to make matters worse, this dress broke! I had to send it back. They don't do refunds at Dolls Kill, only store credit, so I am pretty much stuck getting something else. I might just buy another, but felt stickies on the rivet-backs, and reinforce the weak areas. >__<;; meh!

  2. It seems beautiful, too bad it hurts! I want a dress with that kind of cut.

    1. I know! So sad..! Thankfully this style is not too difficult to find these days!

  3. For me it wasn't so much the rivets, as it is the rough edged plastic that kills me. It seems to rub my skin raw as it moves with my body. I love the dress, it's beautiful, but that is one reason I don't wear it often.

    1. I feel ya. My dress actually broke after trying it on a second time. I wasn't even pulling on it really hard or anything...maybe my rib cage exceeded the strain limits of the elastic or something. Weird. I had to send it back to them and they had this big crazy sale and everyone bought this dress so by the time I got my store credit, it was wiped out in rainbow. Bummer. But I plan to make my own version of this as soon as I get my sewing machine back from the repair place! :D I may need to dip-dye the fabric myself if I can't find any buy I know it will be waaay more comfy than trying to modify theirs. At least I hope it will be. It probably won't look as cute though because my sewing abilities leave something to be desired, lol.