Sunday, May 5, 2013

Fashion Fitting Frustrations: Off the Grid Jeans from NastyGal

And again I have managed to neglect my blog.

To be honest, I have been up and down depressed lately. :( I guess just a mixture of things, really... I do enjoy my job, so work has been the only thing to keep my mood swings down lately. How odd.

Anyway, I guess I just wanted to post about some stuff I got recently from Nasty Gal.

I know I've expressed my distaste for skinny jeans in the past, but damn, Nasty Gal has such a fantastic selection of all sorts of crazy colors, wacky prints, and so forth!

I ended up caving and I bought a pair, called the "Off the Grid" Skinny Jeans:
I tried size L at first but they were way too big...imagine that! I thought I had the biggest butt of all time, lol. But I sized down to M and well... this is what I noticed:

I hate it when pants have to be big enough to fit over my ass, but then they're too big on my waist. Another reason why I typically try to avoid high-waisted pants in general. Which brings me to my next frustration....

Hmm, I really dislike the way I look on the left part of the picture. But on the right, I think it looks okay. Much better, really. A friend of mine disagreed and told me she prefers the left look better! But why?! :( I look terrible. I don't think skinny jeans look good on those with wider hips and big thighs such as myself. I am sure many disagree and think they look good, but I feel like kermit the frog or something. :( and with my skirt tucked in, I'm like a frumpy grandma, lol. Alas!

I planned to wear it like this anyway:

More like leggings instead of skinny jeans. They are sooo stretchy and comfy anyway! So let's just pretend they are cute leggings, and not ugly high-waist pants. :P

I also got this dress which is a little difficult to put on, but I still like it:

A little bit bulgy near the stomach area *ahem* but overall stretchy and not uncomfortable. One of the chains broke already so I may need to make some repairs/reinforcements. It is made in the USA though, which is a plus! :D

That's all for now... the weather has been so chilly here lately, I seriously cannot believe it's supposed to be May!! :(


  1. I`m sorry for your mood issues!
    I always have the same fitting problem with pants as I`m pear shaped!
    Your butt and hips aren`t so big at all, I like both looks! And the dress is super sexy!

    1. Thanks my dear. I am glad you think it looks sexy! I worry how I look sometimes! ;)