Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lovely Glass Art!

My friend Elle and I went to Third Degree Glass Factory last night and we saw some amazing glass!


This is us from last night, Elle on left, and me on right. :) Click the Read More to see photos and stufff! :D

So cool! :D I wanted to buy ALL of the glass. Like so bad. But I ended up only getting one small vase for $40! It was expensive. ;___; but probably still a good deal considering how long it takes to make some of this stuff. I used to blow glass too, and it is definitely a labor of love for some people. Can be tedious when you are first learning. You mess up a lot, get frustrated, and start over! Paper weights are fairly easy to make depending on what kind. I made this paperweight at Third Degree during one of their classes last year, and I love it. It's so gorgeous, and I am glad I took this photo in natural light so you can see how beautiful it is. I am so bad at photography, and this was taken with an iPhone so yeah...not too bad for an iPhone. I need to start using my Canon Rebel more!

Reminds me of Materia from Final Fantasy.... or maybe the Life Stream. ;) *NERDALERT*


  1. Wow! My favourites are the pumpkins.
    Soo cool that you used to blow glass! Isn't it dangerous for your health.

    1. It definitely gets hot in there but not too dangerous unless you burn yourself! :o) Thanks for your comments and sorry for my late reply, I just got back from a business trip. ^___^