Sunday, September 5, 2010

Botanic Gardens Day 1 Photo Post!!!

For those that do not know...every year there is a Japanese Festival at the Missouri Botanical Gardens.

We've started a gal circle in St. Louis called "Chance" with members: Anne, Kate (me), Nami, and little sister member Yuka. :D

We took a photo of all four of us together but it is on another person's camera and I will post it later ....I think Anne will upload photos to our website soon. I actually forgot the URL at the moment...and since I got a new comp, I have yet to transfer all of my bookmarks over.....

Yuka's awesomely decorated pumps which I thought for sure were from DreamV on Rakuten....but they were self-made!!! O.o;

Me xD



That was my yukata that I bought in Sapporo. :D
I really miss Sapporo. D:

The weather here has been pretty good!! I am looking forward to going back to the festival again today in my Angelic Pretty powder rose OP! I will see Yuka and Anne again....unfortunately Anne had to leave early yesterday to get food so I didn't get many photos with her. D: Sad face! I think they photos I took of her ended up on someone else's camera so I gotta wait for those to be posted. :x

I will try to take more photos in the pretty gardens tomorrow. It's always so crowded, though. >_<;

I hope everyone has been having a great labor day weekend!! :D
Look for more photos tomorrrowww. 8-)

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