Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kat Von D in the House!

If you know anything about me and my makeup obsessions, you'll know that I am a huge fan of Kat Von D. She's soooo hawt (lol) and she makes GREAT makeup palettes!! :D They may be pricey but the colours are sooo long lasting. You can even wear them without an eye primer and they will still last for a long time! :D

Here's a video of me describing each palette:

Click the button below to see still images and a peek at some of her new products for Fall 2010! :D

Still images of my collection:

Leftmost column from top to bottom: Beethoven, Metal Orchestra, True Love, Adora.
Rightmost column from top to bottom: Ludwig, Gypsy, Memento Mori, Rock and Roll (Sephora Beauty Inside 500 Point Gift.)

Speaking of Kat Von D there are two new sets she just released that I am dying to have!

Tattoo Chronicles Palette

The eyelashes tempt meeee. Sadly the colours seem pretty repetitive...I wish she'd release bolder colours like U.D. but I guess it's not really her style. Might be a good buy if you haven't tried an KVD stuff before.

Painted Love Lipstick Set

This I may have to get! I have never owned a lipstick by Kat Von D before although Adora tempted me. I just feel like I am too pale to pull off her bold, dark colours. :x
I did buy the painted love giftset she originally had for my friend Lauren for her Birthday and she really loved all of the colours. :D I tried one of them on and I have to say, her lipsticks are very moisturising.

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