Friday, September 24, 2010

Rocket City Makeup Haul and Review

Once upon a time there was a brand called Rocket City cosmetics.

If you liked the video, click READ MORE to see still photos of the products I talked about! :D

"Space Case" RC-23 Lipgloss Palette

"Space Case: RC-63 Eyeshadow Palette

Moon Groovin' Bang All Over Cream

Alien Eyes Eyeshadow Trio: Purple People Eater

Take Me to Your Leader Lip Gloss Single in "Zowie"

A screen cap courtesy's wayback machine of the Rocket City Website Circa 2001!!

Well I hope that this post was semi informative/useful to some of you space cadets out there who were looking to find out more about this spectacular brand. I am just sad to see it go. :'(

You will live on in our hearts and makeup stashes....! <3


  1. I have the RC 63 space case! I took all the pans out and put them in another palette because the original case was so bulky. Some great colours though. Thanks for the nostalgia :)