Tuesday, September 14, 2010

KrystaalRain on Youtube: Make-Up Inspirations

So I think this is going to be a make-up related post. :D

Lately I've been stuck in a rut make-up wise...I don't know why but even using the Kat Von D palettes I so fawn over, I've been feeling sort of BLAH. I guess I wish I had more MAC stuff like a palette of eyeshadows or bright colors. Sugarpill, etc...but I guess my old Urban Decay stuff will suffice for now. :3 I have some Rocket City stuff on the way since it's only $1.99 per item no matter what item, from wholesalecosmetics.com (!!) :D Rocket City was one of the first makeup brands I ever bought and wore religiously. It's like a blast from the past! Retrofuturism! :D

Only 3 days till Aromaleigh's final sale before they shut down shop for good, so don't forget to get your last minute mineral makeup....I know I will order at least SOME thing from her site...I especially adore her blush. *eyeballing roomie's Aromaleigh stuff* xD

Despite hearing so much hate about LimeCrime, their lipsticks are EPIC. Seriouslllly. I found myself using the My Beautiful Rocket (bright orange) lipstick quite frequently. >_<;

Anywayyyyy the real point of this post was to share a very inspiring youtube-r with you all. Her name is KrystaalRain and she has AWESOME HAIR but even more AWESOME are her makeup abilities! :D



For some reason the embed code is not working at the moment but I will embed it later.

This is the tutorial I am following:


When I saw her sporting this look on her "About my dreads" video, I just had to try it myself! So I will be using mostly Urban Decay products to try and get the same look she has. :D


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