Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mori Girl clothes!

Since I bought stuff from Rakuten before (Chocomint), I get those periodic (and sometimes annoying) e-mails from Rakuten about their various shops and sales. Today, I was browsing and something caught my eye--! A shop called "Soulberry" that sells very earthy-toned, mori-inspired clothes. Hell, it might even be considered mori itself but I am just starting to learn about mori girl and all of the lifestyle stuff that goes with it so I am not really sure what "defines" a mori girl outfit apart from the loose, flowy, vintage layers, and random hints of earth-tone in an outfit... and cute, chic accessories like a little bird necklace or a camera-shaped pin. :D be the judge of whether their stuff is mori or not. :P

I think on my "must buy" list for this fall, I want to get some fur stole or wrap, a crochet vest in cream or white, and a couple of vintage dresses from Avalon. :] I find it so hard to pull off straight up US vintage...but when you mix and match vintage with current trends, and add a hint of fairy tale, you get something like MORI gal. :D

And here is the rest of it.

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