Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What the--?! Aromaleigh is BACK!

I was checking out Phyrra's blog when I saw a post she made about Aromaleigh's new collection....and I was like...wait WHAT?! Aromaleigh is BACK? Yes!! It's true!


I am digging her astronomical collection, being the space nerd that I am... :x

Can't send a satellite into space without looking fab. :3 (That's my senior design project btw...and a source of much stress...we had our midterm review today! I am currently researching communication components!) @____@;;

They've also got a fashion inspired collection!

"Fall Tapestry"... http://www.aromaleigh.com/nefataliedey.html

What do you make-up lovers think? Might order some? For now I am actually thinking about getting some more from Morgana's...which I still need to review! But I just had to make a quick post about this.

(All pics from their site....and NASA.)


  1. I didn't know about this brand, but I love the concept because I'm a space nerd too!
    I'm not an expert about make up, so I won't give you advices about it ^^'
    You senior project seems really cool *___* How can you realize something like this?

  2. Yay space nerds unite! :)

    It's a project our university recently started up...


    The first satellite to get a launch date is COPPER, our first cubesat. It's going into Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and ours is ARGUSGTO which will go into GTO orbit...~37,000KM into the Van Allen Radiation Belts. :)