Saturday, October 22, 2011

I DID IT!!!!! :)

Dear readers,

I am so excited!

I got the holiday part-time job at LUSH Cosmetics! :)

Seriously, super excited. I've already been to a few training sessions and I'm now officially on their payroll. Now all I have to do is not spend my entire paycheck there in the store, hehe. The discount is awesome but I don't think it would be right to disclose how much it is. But it's enough to have the employees try out a lot of different products. I am more willing to try something I don't normally buy just to see if I'd like it, and that way I can help customers better when it comes to deciding what they can buy to suit their needs...yay! :)

I guess that's all I wanted to say with this post, haha. But I guess if anyone has any questions about what it's like to work for LUSH feel free to ask me, and I can try to answer your questions but some things are confidential! I obviously don't want to get in trouble by answering anything. >__<;; but I am so excited! :)

BTW If you've never heard of LUSH, check out their website to learn more and to find a store near you. They make everything by hand, do not test on animals or buy supplies from companies who do, and everything they make is fresh, vegetarian, and good value! Their products actually work, especially their skin care which is on par with a lot of the other really great skincares I've used, but even better because it's super fresh and no animal testing. :) What more could ya ask for? Anyway! That's all I wanted to say in this post. :3

Here's a great post with more info on how to get a job at LUSH!

And here is the rest of it.


  1. That's so awesome and exciting! I wish I had an exciting job like that. I work at Old Navy, and while I like the other employees, I don't really like Old Navy.

    I wish I had the money to spend on cosmetics and skin care products, but I'm saving up to hopefully head overseas to teach English in South Korea.

  2. I meant to add that LUSH sounds like an awesome company though, and I hope to get some of their products in the future. : P

  3. GREAT!!! My compliments! So happy for you :DDD

  4. many many congrats! Hope you get an awesome discount :)