Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fall Fashion...leading into winter.

As the outside air temp has been dropping (and oddly, rising) I've been drooling over some fall clothing. Leggings, colorful tights, fur...

I know snakeskin is hella on-trend right now but I really just hate the way it looks. It kind of makes me think of "tacky" and "cheap" stuff from the '70s or '80s some other period of awkward snakeskin-induced fashion. >_>;; Or just over the top Western. In a bad way, lol. As in not in the cutesie Liz Lisa way I adore. But I am sure Liz Lisa could somehow make pink snake skin look cute hahaha. xD

I totally bought this whole outfit:

And by whole outfit I mean the hat and dress, hehe. It reminds me of something from the '70s and this time, in a good way. :3 I think I accidentally bought the brown hat instead of the grey one though which pissed me off a bit. I wish would just link to all of the items a model is wearing so you can buy them all or some individually, ya know?

Click below for more...

I really love NASTY GAL's styling:

But I really hate their name. Nasty Gal? Seriously? That just sounds...dirty...or mean...I don't know! I don't really get it. Maybe it's some kind of inside joke with the owner? LOL. I've only ever bought one item from them and it kind of fell apart after wearing it for a little bit (lace top) but I still love it and I will probably repair it. I love their fall stylish especially. They were the source of my learning about JC shoes.

It also kinda bugs me that I feel like I can't pull off a lot of their looks because I am not stick thin.... ugh. But I'll save another post for that rant, lol!!

I've been stalking Grimoire's blog again by the way. Totally inspired by these lovely nails:

I've got the magnetic nail polish from Sephora by Nails Inc, btw.

And also with the '70s theme I've got going on for this post...from the Grimoire blog, this gem:

LOVE! <3 Sooo gorgeous. Mysterious...that's what I love about dolly kei style. With a hint of RPG!

More from Grimoire:

So lovely!

And lastly...

This scarf/shawl reminded me SO much of Amir's clothing from that manga called Bride's Story!! :)

Silk road much? I love it! I wanna do an Amir inspired coord. :)


I just love her outfit and I want to cosplay her one day too! :)


  1. BRIDE'S STORY!!!! I totally bought the first volume upon seeing it in the bookstore. I saw it, thought 'this cover is really pretty,' read the storyline and thought 'sounds interesting,' and then proceeded to the check out line. Apart two moments that were a little uncomfortable (let's just say a cold night in a hut and a fevered hug. I just kept reminding myself 'They are married. It was culturally acceptable. He would have been much more mature for his age then boys that age would be now a days.') I HIGHLY enjoyed it. And I LOVE Amir's character as well as her clothes! I kept thinking 'WANTTTTTTTTT!!!!!'

  2. Yesss! I love that manga so much and yeah hahaha I remember that scene and I was like WHUT?! O_o; But yeah totally different culture and time period, hehe. It's such a beautiful comic. I already pre ordered #3 on amazon! :3

  3. I missed this post O_O
    I totally hate snakeskin too! It looks so cheap and vulgar!
    I love the dress you bought! And now I completely agree with what you said about grimoire, I love all theur photos!!!
    I don't like so much fur and nasty gal looks, though.
    I think a lot of japanese brands have strange or dirty sounding names XD I didn't want to believe there was a brand called lip service!
    I never read Bride's story, looks interesting!

  4. Ah yeah, I started writing this one a while back and it was a draft until yesterday when I finally published it. >__<;; haha. It takes me a while sometimes. I still have 3 other posts I need to finish...all drafts, hehe.

    Japanese brands are notorious for strange names haha. "Angelic Pretty" sounds so silly! xD I like Grimoire though! :)

    I like fur, oddly, because it keeps me so warm during winter months. I try to buy fake fur when I can (it's so nice for a mori look too) but I do love the softness of real fur. And I only buy vintage furs because those animals were dead for a long long time...would be a waste not to use them. xD Generally though, it doesn't bug me as long as the rest of the animal was used for something like food or the fat. I know some girls are against wearing fur or maybe they just don't like the look of it. It's OK because we all have different tastes and styles. :)

    You should check out Bride's Story, it's beautiful! :)

  5. I remember we discussed about fur before and I like your postition. I'm for animal protection, but if they are vintage or if we eat them would be a waste not to use their fur! So I agree. But though I love leather and sheepskin, real fur gives me an odd feel. It's too soft and smooth XD
    I like how fur looks, but I prefer it as an accent. And I totally hate the full dead animal scarves that are so trendy in Japan lately, so creepy!

  6. I understand completely! :) And yeah, omg, my boyfriend HATES that too! The full dead animal scarves! I suppose he doesn't get my sense of humor when I say "aw but it's like having an adult-stuffed animal toy to wear on your neck!" Ahahaha. xD It's so creepy, I agree! It does remind me of something a native tribesperson might have worn...they seem to leave everything fully attached! xD

  7. yeah the name nasty girl is weird. Who wants to be a nasty girl? I do like their clothing though. That peach blazer has certainly caught my eye.

  8. It's already up to volume 3? I haven't even seen the second volume yet. Need to catch up.