Thursday, October 6, 2011


Innocent World Pullip "Tiphona" first ever Pullip doll who I named Evangeline. :)

I'm sure some of you bloggers out there--lolita, gyaru, dolly kei, mori girl, visual kei--or just anyone really, has a penchant for cute DOLLS! :D

I've always wanted a Volks BJD but alas...sooo expensive. ;___; I remember when I lived in Sapporo...I'd walk to the Volks shop to browse the cheaper Obitsu doll bodies and accessories and walk past the amazingly gorgeous, life-like ball jointed dolls and swoon. But $500+ for a doll? No matter how lovely they looked to me, I just could not bring myself to purchase one. I wanted to spend my $ on lolita because I always felt that a doll would just sit on my shelf ...I'm not really into photography (as you might have guessed from my crappy self-pics on this blog!) so I wouldn't even really take that many photos of it...although the doll...he or she...! would be a great photo subject. :3 hehe.

If I ever do get a BJD it will probably be from this site:
Doll in Mind
I love their dolls! :D

Tell me, you have any dolls? If so, what kinds? What are their names? How do you like to play with them (or not)? Or do you find dolls creepy? I think they're really lovely and I don't see how anyone could find them creepy but it's OK if you do!! :P Also I think lolita x dolls is such a good idea...I feel like they go hand in hand but that's just me. I am not one of those people who thinks all dolls have a soul or whatever, haha, but I won't judge you if you do!

Click below to see my Pullip Wishlist, and the sweet little girl I just ordered! :3

Here is a picture of me and my Pullip Tiphona who I named Evangeline (elegant name!) together in the forest:


So cute! I love how she is wearing the same dress as me (Pompadour by Innocent World!) It's my dream dress by that brand and as soon as I saw a Pullip Doll wearing it, I just had to get the doll to match with me. I got the wig for that matching coordinate too. I am crazy, I know, haha, but at least it was cheap on eBay!

Here are some Pullips on my wishlist. I love Pullips because they're cute without looking too creepy. They look devious/whimsical almost and I love how you can customize their bodies, clothing, hair, and change the eyes positioning. :D They're also wayyy cheaper than a full BJD with clothing, shoes, and face-up. And I am way less paranoid about breaking one because they're not $500 each. @___@;;


Pullip Porte Henri. She is so lovely. I can't get over how pretty her face and outfit are. :3

Pullip Dita. A cute lolita-esque looking Pullip. It looks like she's wearing a perfect Country Lolita type of outfit. :3 So sweet!!

Pullip Cinciallegra. She is sooooo sweet (especially her face-up) and the wig and dress really complete the look. Reminds me of mori girl a bit mixed with Cinderella (before she gets her fancy princess dress, of course!) Also reminds me of dolly kei or something you'd find on a shelf at the Grimoire shop in Japan. ;3

Pullip Clarity....the only Pullip on here who doesn't look like a lolita. xD I love her so much though and I almost bought her today but I got Romantic Alice instead. I think I will need to get her soon because she is so classy and elegant, like a retro starlet. Kind of vintage but so sweet looking. Reminds me of Audrey Hepburn somehow despite the hair color being different. :3

Pullip Nella. She is a collaboration with Alice and the Pirates. I want to preorder her! She won't be in till December though. :( She comes with many cute accessories, I love her face-up, and I especially love the braids in her hair!! So lovely and sweet despite her gothic outfit. :) There's a matching boy Pullip to go with her too.

And second to last.....

J-Doll Loosterweg Noord. J-Dolls aren't Pullips, but I wanted to include her because she took my breath away! I am hesitant to pay her cost because I am not sure about J-Dolls...does anyone own one? How are they? Good quality? She would look so lovely next to my Tiphona, for sure. :3 *swoon!* I think J-Dolls are supposed to be wearing clothing inspired by around the world trends. :3 And they are named after streets.

And finally.....

......Romantic Alice! I just bought her today. I cannot wait to get her in the mail. She is so sweet and will be a good friend to my Pullip Tiphona aka Eva. :)
I want to give my new doll a name! Any suggestions? Or should I just be uncreative and stick with "Alice"? It's hard to rename a doll with a character name already! :3 Especially when she looks just like Alice!! :D

Maybe I should have a naming contest? If I like your name, you win a prize! Haha! I dunno! :)


  1. Oh my god. The way you two match is so freaking adorable!

  2. I remember your photos with Evangeline, so cute!
    Dolls kinda freak me out a bit (in particular Blithe, sorry blithe lovers :P), I'm really more into stuffed animals! But I like bjd, even if I will never buy one XD Pullip seems to be a good compromise.
    I like all the dolls you put into your wishlist, in particular Cinciallegra, she makes me think of Russia.
    Alice is really cute. How about clokwork bunny as a name? Too steampunk, isn't it? XD

  3. Hehe yeah Blithes kind of freak me out! @__@;

    That would be a cute name but yeah, too steampunk! xD They make some really awesome steampunk pullips though. But not really my thing. of course right after I ordered my Alice they released a special pink Alice! >__<;; lol! I may have to wait and pre order her too tho. Twins!

    This Dal reminds me of your blog!
    Mori girl esque?! :)

  4. Too bad they made a pink Alice after you ordered yours! It always happen, immediately after you buy something they release a versione you like more -.-'
    But they can be super cute as twins!
    I really like the Dal, thank you a lot for linking! She really looks mori *_*