Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Finally Done with College!! + some game rambling

Whew, I am SO glad to be done.

I am a little sad that my professors haven't posted grades yet. Well only one did, and I got an A- in English which isn't bad! I just hope I passed circuits because that class was pretty much the baaane of my existence this semester. -___-;;

I start work full time next Monday. My graduation ceremony is tomorrow, and Saturday. My parents are flying in for the weekend, and I am going to take them to my favorite restaurants, hehe.

In the meantime I have been selling off my old textbooks. I just got $91 for a trade in on Amazon for one of them, and the other might sell for $105, but if it does, I will only get like $78. -___-; evil amazon! LOL.

I want to some of the money I get from textbooks to cross some videogames off my wishlist. I've been making money at work, so I got some clothes and stuff online. Some Korean cosmetics which I will be reviewing soonish (new bbcreams from eBay!) some eyeshadows from Fyrinnae (omg, SO excited!) and uh, other misc stuff.

The game I really want to buy is Atelier Totori!

It just looks sooo adorable and I love that the protagonist is female. ^__^;
I heard it involves a lot of synthesizing items together to complete jobs, as well as building your character's relationship with other characters. The storyline is really simple...a girl wanting to become an adventurer so she sets out on a journey.

I like that the premium edition comes with an artbook since that's what got me into the game in the first place--the gorgeous artwork. :3 I am such a sucker for visuals, what can I say? Maybe I will do a review of the game once I've tried it!!

Secondly, I want to get Rune Factory!

It's like Harvest Moon only more fantasy-ish! I haven't even tried Harvest Moon yet, so this should be fun/ :)

Lastly, I actually just bought Eternal Sonata a week or so ago on eBay! xD

It also looks really fun. ;___;

Can you tell I am on a JRPG kick? xD

Do you guys/gals have any favorite JRPGs you want to share with me? I have a PS3 as well as a Wii, and Gamecube. Oh and a PSX. I really want to get a PS2 and an XBOX360. (Technically I already have a PS2 but it's at my other home in

And here is the rest of it.


  1. Congratulations!!! For your graduation and your new work!
    I'd like to see your last purchases!
    About videogames I can't say anything because I never play with them. I don't have a console and I only play a pair of free games for oldies on my computer ^^'

    1. Thank you my dear! :)

      And it's okay, hehe. Games aren't for everyone, some people really obsess over them (me!) and others don't care too much. Or they are casual gamers. In fact I would say I have been a casual gamer till recently. I blame my BF. >___>;;; lol.