Wednesday, May 23, 2012 it a scam?

Ugh. So. I placed an order on May 10th on this website: because it sounded like an amazingly good deal. Well if things SOUND too good to be true, they probably are. And I think I am starting to discover that. I ordered about $38 worth of stuff. I got about 15 or so items because their prices are SO cheap. On eBay $38 would maaaybe get me two items shipped to the USA and that's it. Ugh. So naturally I was like "wow what a good deal!" But of course, too good to be true.

At least they've been in contact with me. They told me it would take 2 WEEKS to get my items from Korea to their office in Singapore. Which is ridiculous IMHO but maybe that's really how long it takes.

But my REAL beef with them lies in the fact that no where on their sketchy-looking website does it mention that it is going to take over 2 weeks to get my stuff. I could understand that the international mail taking a while because I DID just order some Holika Holika bb cream from eBay and it was from a Korean seller and it DID take about 10 days to reach me which is barely even 1 week let alone 2.

I smell trouble.

I told "Celine" their e-mail rep to cancel my order and refund me all of my money via Paypal. I really hope she does. Because I am too stressed out to deal with this crap now. And I guess if they don't, and I still haven't received my items after 45 days, I am going to freak out and do a Paypal claim.

I mean, it would *have* to be legit otherwise Paypal wouldn't be a payment method, would it? Unless they scam people by making up fake tracking numbers? But I doubt it would fly. Seeing as someone tried that on me before and it failed pretty hard. (I'm looking at you, Artka shop on lol.)

Well, anyway, if she refuses to cancel my order I will assume it's a scam. But even if she refunds my money, I am going to still feel that there is something fishy about it. Maybe I should have only ordered 1 cheap item instead of like 15 things to test the water .... yeeeah not my style apparently, gaah!

Well anyway, fingers crossed! I am loving my new bb creams so hopefully reviews soon. I work 8 hours a day though so by the time I get home, I am so exhausted. BAH! I thought this would be better than school, hehe.

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  1. I cross finger hoping that all will go smoothly!