Monday, May 28, 2012

Skin79 BB Cream Swatches

Purchased from eBay seller bigclothcraft for $16.90 including shipping. The auction came with both sets. Also came with some Skin79 BB Cleanser samples!

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As you can see this is what the sample sized tubes look like in their boxes.

I did a swatch of each one on my hand below, and the order that the swatches are in corresponds to the order the creams are swatched in.

For some reason even though I rotated the image, it is not cooperating with me. >_<;;
So from TOP to BOTTOM, the swatches correspond with the way I have lined up the bottles above.
The first swatch you see on top is corresponding to the GOLD tube (Super BB) and the bottom swatch corresponds to the SILVER tube (Diamond Pearl BB.)

Have I tried these on my face yet, I am sure is the next question? ;)

Well I have been slowly trying them and I think I have tried *almost* each cream. I actually used to have a tube of the pink Skin79 original BB Cream and I honestly did not like it that much. It had too much of a grey undertone.

Based on the swatch alone on my skin tone, I would say that the two pinkish tubes in the middle look the best on me. ("The Oriental" and "The Prestige.") But nothing about any of these gives me excitement. I did wear the pearl one the other day (silver tube) and I looked SO ridiculous in natural light. @___@; It looked like I had been sweating or had a really greasy/oily face because of all the shine the pearl gave me. I don't think shimmering pearl BB Creams or Foundations or even Tinted Moisturizers (Eyeko Glow Cream, I'm lookin' at you!) look that great on me, sadly. It just causes me to look sweaty, maybe I am using too much? LOL. I guess I could always MIX these BB Creams to get the best result but that's a little crazy, huh? Hehe.

All in all, I wouldn't bother purchasing again, since the point was to try small ones before getting a big one. I have some doubles now, of course, but I might give those to my friends or send them to people who read my blog if you are interested in trying them. Just pay the postage fee and I will send you a tube! ^_^

....Annnnd I leave you with a pic of my makeup from last night! xD Even though a shitty camera and bedroom lighting were a lethal combo... ;___;

I was reading The Hunger Games all freaking day yesterday, practically, and so at night I somehow managed to put the book down and go out with my friends. I wore gyaru even though they aren't gyaru and didn't know what it was probably but hey whatever! It was fun though. :)

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  1. Uhm I still don't knowif I'm intersted in BB ceams, too meany different opinions! And I don't even use foundation! I'll think about your kind offer, thank you!!!
    I'd like to know your opinion about The Hunger Games when you'll finish it!
    I mainly have to wear japanese fashions with people who doesn't wear them or even doesn't know about them, as really few of my friends are interested in this kind of things. I have a lolita friend, though, even if she doesn't wear it on a daily basis.