Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Ooooh yeah. I finally did it. I went and had it done on Saturday night with my friend, Jax! She had her tongue pierced and I got my industrial.

OH I was SO SCARED. So very scared. And yet, it wasn't that bad at all!

I felt a pinching feeling and then a little bit of burning sensation...and then it just burned a little bit and ached a little bit too. And then just aching.

But yay! I am so happy. It looks sooo cool and I love it. :D I realize I probably sound like a 15 year old right now but dammit I DON'T CARE! xD

The bar seems short but it has to be like that due to swelling, I think, and healing.

It doesn't even ache anymore and I had it done Saturday. It's Tuesday today.

I had it done at my favorite piercing studio called Cheap TRX. I hiiighly recommend them if you are in the St. Louis area. Stan is my piercer and I only want him to do my piercings from now on, because he is so nice and made me feel comfortable...also he does a great job. He has been piercing for over 25 yrs! That's 2 years longer than I've been alive! >___<;;

So yes...I love it. And I am not even worried about having it at work because I can just cover it with my hair if I really need to, but no one seems to mind it because it's a an ear piercing, I guess!

I hope that someday piercings can become more accepted in the workplace, and same with hair dye!

My friend, Laura, inspired me to get this done. She is a P.T. student (basically similar program to med student) at my former school, and she had hers done in a freakin' mall in Chile. And it healed beautifully. She said it was "painful" but I don't think it is painful at all. But maybe I have a high pain tolerance? LOL.

So yes. If you want this piercing, don't be scared! Get it done! :)