Thursday, July 22, 2010

Brief Update!

I added a flag counter which you can see to the right on the side bar. It looks like people are actually visiting my blog. O.o; unless they're just spam bots or something, haha.
That would be a shame.

I know I'm not a beauty expert or a pro fashionista or anything, but I love getting comments, so if you just surfed on randomly from a loli or gal comm or maybe a make-up comm, feel free to drop me a comment! I'm going to be getting a shoutbox soon too if some people prefer those, IDK. I love getting random comments, so if you're not a spam bot, feel free to comment away! xD

I'm glad that FUR is a winter trend. Why? Well, I ordered a pair of Jesus Diamante fur boots! I am sooo excited to get them. They're my first piece of JD brand. LOL *commence brandwhoring!* Not only that but they look super WARM! :D And STYLISH! Wow cute and functional? Epic awesome! I shouldn't rejoice too much just yet because, well, (a) not sure if they arrived yet though I am pretty sure one of those two packages, the one w/o tracking number would be the boots and (b) not sure if size L can fit me or not but the previous owner was bigger than me and they barely fit her feet so....maybe there is hope for me yet plus I don't necessarily need an insole. Anyway!

I wish I could make my blog more like Mitsu's but unfortunately I am terrible at both coding and stalking Shibuya 109, haha. Well I guess her living in Japan part time does help. But I am definitely downloading the latest issues of Popteen, Ageha, Egg, and all that stuff, so I will try to post some trends I've been noticing for all you gal people!

For the lolitas, I would like to share with you that I just scored a magnificent deal from Angelic Pretty's website: Powder Rose OP in yellow! It was HALF OFF. O_____O; seriously. Good deal! I can't believe I snagged AP for so cheap. I wonder how long they've been doing that for. (The online sales on English webshop that is.) Either way, yay! And I can't wait to get it soon. :3

I've also got an Innocent World Pullip waiting for me at home in St. Louis. :3 I am on vacation right now in Florida and I will be seeing a good friend later on today, and then we're going to Orlando. :3 Yay Sephora, hah. Yay shopping in general.

I got some make up a little while ago. Click the read more button below to see photos. :3

For all you cosmetics obsessed on here, I recently snagged this palette from Too Faced:

Glamour to Go Palette only $19.50 at Sephora. :D

(And by recently I mean like weeks and weeks ago, sorry I am so slow with updates!)

It is a really great value for the price! You get 8 eye shadows and 4 lipglosses (which I almost used up!) and 1 big chunk of blush! Has a little mirror, great for traveling! :3

The other item I got was Too Faced Natural Eye Palette:

A lazily snapped pic, sorry for terrible lighting! D:
$34 at Sephora, a bit more expensive but I use this DAILY so totally worth it. Great for working professionals!! If you have a job that requires conservatively done makeup, the top row of shades is best for this. No sparkles, no glitter, just lovely, delicious, matte finish! :D I wish Too Faced would release more of these matte shade. I have TONS of sparkly eyeshadows, now I want some plain ones! :)

Well that is pretty much it. I did but a few other things but I figured I'd update with my favorite items for now. >D

I will post some updates after metrocon with my lolita coordinates. Sadly not going to be wearing gyaru though my suitcase is loaded with gal esque stuff, I just dunno if I will go full out gal or not. We shall see! :3


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  1. " I love getting random comments, so if you're not a spam bot, feel free to comment away! xD"

    You make my day with this xD…you make me laugh a lot.
    Lucky you for the powder rose ! ! !