Thursday, July 1, 2010

Liz Lisa GET! MA*RS GET!

OMG! Can barely contain my excitement! Today a package came in the mail from my wonderful friend Emma in Chicago. She just got back from Japan recently and was able to purchase a few things for me from some Japanese gal brands! :3


- MA*RS Tote Bag
- MA*RS Perfume
- MA*RS Wristwatch (I want another one now!)
- MA*RS Heart sticker! :3 (Saving for when it's time to deco my new phone, or may stick it on my pink laptop!)
- Liz Lisa White Pearly Purse (SO beautiful...!)
- Liz Lisa Pink Floral Hand Towel
- Liz Lisa White Logo Bath Towel

...and I have two more towels on the way from Mai. Oh man. These towels were ON SALE and they are suuuper nice! They are still available according to Liz Lisa's website, so definitely check them out! :o) They're from their new line called Chambre a Coucher which is pretty much household type items like bedding, tissue box covers, towels, notebooks, flower magnets, pencils and other such items!

I had wanted some cute MA*RS tights but they apparently weren't stocking them yet? Or maybe they were sold out because I think two of my gal friends already own a pair of them so they must have had them at some point! Maybe they were so popular that they decided to bring them back? Who knows...!

After class I will be editing this post with links to each item on each store's online shop so you can see.

Also I realised I have a ton of stuff I never posted anywhere online yet or did reviews for like especially make-up and some shoes and clothes, so I will be back to blogging pretty much the rest of the week since I only have class Mondays and Wednesdays! Weeee!

Click below for my photos and videoooo!

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