Friday, July 9, 2010

Miss Ohio Vintage Casting Call Recap

I had a really great time on Tuesday at the casting call party!

The owner, Lindsay Patten saw me wearing gal fashion at a local bar a few weeks ago and said she liked my style and wanted me to model for her. So I showed up at the casting call wearing gyaru again. :o)

Click the Read More link for photos!

I also went to LUSH and Sephora yesterday! Yay! I got the following:


- "Grass" body wash, mm smells like fresh mowed grass haha.
- "Brimstone" body scrub, with sulfur (!) and jasmine. I can't wait to try it!
- "Big" shampoo
- "Retread" conditioner (my fave)
- "Charlotte Island" tanning product. I adore it.
- "Brazen Honey" facemask, for free because I recycled my pots. :3


- "G" mini spray thing (since I am almost out of my old one and I LOVE IT)
- Kat Von D brown eyeliner (I lost my black one of hers, daaamn. I almost bought YSL eyeliner but it was $35 !! D:)
- NARS blush in Orgasm (a cult classic apparently)
- Tokidoki Blue Mascara, mmm!

Photos in my next post, promise! :o)

OK here are my pics! Enjoy! :P

Me and Erik. ^____^

And again, hah.

Thanks for looking! Next post is loot post, I promise! :3

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