Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cute things!

Package from Mai came in the mail today! Yipee! I am so glad! I wanted my cancan hat in time for the casting call tonight. :3

I actually ended up getting two cancan hats. One is from a Korean seller which I actually like a LOT more than the one Mai got for me on Yahoo Japan Auctions so I may be selling my extra one in my little shop thingy which you can access from the right hand panel of the blog.

Among the loot from Mai:
- More Liz Lisa towels (*squeeee!*)
- Cute Liz Lisa Eco Tote that came with the towels. I am gonna put groceries in it. :3
- 10 boxes of chocolate candy +jewelry from Kabaya, the same company that makes the Seven Stars necklaces. I got bracelets, rings, and a SUPER cute necklace, omg omg omg. xD so lucky! I feel like a little kid opening my Pokemon booster packs. >D I think the jewelry is perfect for fairy kei! :3
- CanCan hat from Y!J Auctions
- Free gifts! A cute keychain from sanrio now on my camera and a super cute hello kitty wind chime thingy that I hooked on my fan cord. >D


Kabaya Loot:

I got SO many cute things omg. I got duplicates of the butterfly pearl ring and the multi color star bracelet, if anyone wants to buy them! Or I may give them as gifts to my friends, heehee.

Empty boxes....hehe.


BEAUTIFUL necklace!

Liz Lisa Catalog:

Boater/Cancan hats!

Liz Lisa towels:

Free presents from the wonderful Ozawa-san:

I also got some goodies from Amazon.com but they were totally not-exciting things like cookie cutters in the shapes of card suits (for making cookies for Erik and his magic night gatherings) and a pastry wheel, and a pastry mixer. :D I am a whore for baking what can I say? :3 I even made an American Flag cake for the 4th of July!! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday if you're from the US! If not, hope you had a good weekend anyhow!

Until next time.... :3

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  1. That's such a great haul! The Kabaya stuff reminds me of my jewelry when I was a little kid ^^