Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sugar Waxing - Beauty Recipe / Home Remedy!

Yesterday night, I learned how to make a simple home-made wax that is safe and natural for your skin. Click below to learn how I did it. n___n;

You will need:

- candy thermometer
- 1/2 cup of white sugar
- 1 tablespoon water
- 1 tablespoon lemon juice
- 1/4 teaspoon (approx) of honey or molasses

- cornstarch (for later)

Mix all the ingredients together in a microwave safe bowl. Prepare your candy thermo. Put the bowl in microwave for about 2 mins or so. Take the temperature. You want it to be at "firm ball" consistency. 244 - 248 degrees F, if memory serves me. Once it reaches this consistency (you CANNOT go under or over this temp range or else it's soft ball or hardball and both of those won't work too well) you can let it cool down.
Although one advantage of using hardball is that....over time when you are working with a ball of sugar, your body temp will slowly heat the ball up, thus melting it and making it temporarily un-useable. If it is firmer and more solidified, you can work with it longer although you will have to work it in your palms a little bit first before using it or else it will be too hard to rip off any hairs!

Let your mixture cool either in a fridge or on the counter. It should be about room temp when you go to apply it to your body. Do NOT apply HOT sugar to your skin. This is definitely not like normal "waxing" you do at a salon. In fact, you can really burn yourself if you do this! So please be careful! I am not responsible for any burned body parts. >___<; lol.

BEFORE you apply your sugar.... take a hot bath to open your pores. (IMPORTANT!) Disinfect your areas to be waxed with antibacterial soap or scrubber. Relax. Light some candles or incense. Take about a teaspoon or less of cornstarch, depending on how large the areas you want to wax are...and rub it into your skin where you will be waxing. This prevents you from being sweaty/moist/wet in the area you want waxed. And it also prevents the sugar from sticking too much to your skin, which can be painful. When you are ready to go, grab a clump of sugar and ball it up into a ball. The ball should be sized according to the area you want to remove hair from. You won't need a very large one for eyebrows, but maybe for your legs, a bigger ball.

Take the ball and smear it against your skin, pressing down a little. RIP the ball off in THE DIRECTION OF YOUR HAIR GROWTH. Do not rip against the direction of your hair growth. The follicles should come right out if you are doing it correctly.

Do not take a hot bath or have oral sex for at least 24 hours after you wax. (Obviously the oral sex part referring to if you waxed your genitals.) This works for BOTH men AND women. I know because my boyfriend was the one who discovered it in a local salon. (TMI? LOL.) And he found this recipe and tried it on me last night. It hurt a lot to get waxed down there, so I think I am just gonna stick with my bikini line for now.

If you plan to do your genitals with this, take 1 painkiller an hour or two before you wax, OR drink a lot of alcohol and get sorta drunk. The pain won't be as bad!! Trust me! :o)

I hope this post was useful. Feel free to comment if you want to add suggestions or personal stories. :)

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