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How to Enjoy LUSH on a Budget + Lolita Sales

Today I will be talking briefly about my most fave place to buy soap and shampoo in the whole wide world--LUSH! :]

And I would also like to mention I am selling a lot of my lolita stuff here:

If you mention this blog post I can give you a $5 discount from whatever you want to buy assuming it's over $10 itself. xD

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So freshman year of college (2007) is about when I discovered the LUSH and all it's glory! My roommate owned a bar of their buttercream soap, Skinny Dip (since discontinued...BOO!) and one day when I was taking a shower, I was curious about it so I picked it up and sniffed it. It smelled GOOD. I asked her about it, and she told me to try I did! And VOILA. A LUSH maniac was born! Seriously, though. O.O; It's scary what sniffing one bar of soap can do to a person....sniff with caution! xD

I soon discovered a store that might as well be called "land of magical wonders" because each time I go in there, I find something new and delightful to add to my skin, hair, or bath routine. :D I've gotten quite a few friends and family addicted too hah.

The unfortunate part of all this is...well...Lush = expensive. One trip to that store, I can spend up to $100, and maybe even $50 for a few items! So how does one who is new to LUSH or just wanting to budget shop there??

Here are my tips!

(1.) Samples. Samples samples samples. Obviously, though, if you go into any store that does this and ask for 10 different free samples w/o buying anything is going to look tacky or rude. Or just plain cheap! So make sure you buy at least one thing, even a small thing before asking for samples. Or if you aren't sure, ask for help. The shop girls (and guys!) of LUSH are sooo very friendly, at least most all of the ones I've ever met. So don't be shy! Ask for help! :]

(2.) Smaller = cheaper. It's so true! While some of the large sized bottle of stuff are a better deal because you're paying less per ounce or w/e, it's definitely cheaper to buy a small bottle than a larger one, esp if you aren't sure if you really like it or not yet. Even if you've tried a sample, it's hard to see long term results with a small size of product. For instance, I got a tiny sample of Rub Rub Rub and I really like it but not enough to buy a gigantic bottle of it. So I bought a small one, tried it, loved it, and now I buy the larger sized portions!
This goes for soaps and other products as well. Because it takes me FOREVER to use up my Fresh Farmacy cleanser (it comes in big slices) I always ask for a smaller slice about $4.50 worth or so, and that usually lasts me for MONTHS. Because LUSH products are handmade and fresh, each item has an expiration date on it. The expiration date is usually a good indication of when the product should be discarded. You don't have to throw it away or use it up by the specific date on the jar or bottle, it's kind of a guideline. But if you wait way longer after that date, you will notice your product will lack punch! So get the most bang for you buck and pick something that is small enough for you to use up fast enough! :D

(3.) Giftsets. I cannot stress this enough. Giftsets ROCK. For example...I wanted to try a moisturiser called "Gorgeous." It's a VERY expensive product, too, you only get 1.5oz in a tiny little black pot for $89.95!!! Crazy right? Well there are a lot of expensive ingredients in it. I wanted to try it so badly because $90 must = good, right? Well a tiny little sample of it comes in the "Gorgeous" giftbox along with some other products I haven't tried yet plus two of my all time faves--Sakura bath bomb and a Rub Rub Rub body scrub. :D

(4.) Recycle. If you bring in 5 empty, clean black pots or bottles you can get a FREE fresh face mask. The fresh face masks can be seen on display near the register, at least at my local LUSH, and they are in little metal bowls with spoons so you can pick some product up and sniff it. It's a great way to experience their face masks before choosing a free one. :)

(5.) Promotions. Every so often LUSH will do a promotion! Sometimes it's "buy $50 worth of stuff, get a free full sized whatever!" Or sometimes it's a mini cardboard box filled with anywhere from 5 - 7 mini sizes of their regular products. These are an excellent way to try a lot of LUSH products for one low price usually like $15 - $25!

The only other way I could think to save money is to befriend a LUSH store employee and use their awesome employee discount, haha, but that's a little bit extreme. One of my friends used to work there but she moved away. If she still worked at my local store I might politely ask if she could buy me something with her discount and then give her money for it later. Probably not legal somehow haha but whatever. As long as you don't hardcore abuse it, I do this with a friend who works for MAC too. xD

And here are some of my favourite products. I sadly cannot list all of them because it would take up sooo much time and space and you'd probably get bored reading it! Hehehe!

Soap: Ring of Roses

It smells heavenly. This paired with the "Grass" shower gel makes you coming out of the shower smelling like a rose garden! If you really want to get into it, use their new Mud cleansing bar in the shower for full garden effect. :D

Shower Gel: The Olive Branch

Tried and true! The Olive Branch smells...amazing! But that's what I say about all of their products! Boiled vine leaves, fresh olive oil, and mandarin orange juices go into this luscious shower gel!! You have to shake it so the oils and juices are reunited since they tend to separate.

Bath Bomb: Golden Slumbers

It smells like lavender and it has little tiny sticks of lavender that float out when it fizzes in your tub. It's best for before bedtime because the lavender is calming, soothing, and overall relaxing. :)

Bubble Bar: Bathos

It smells like VIOLETS and turns your bath water PURPLE! SUCH a wonderful bath bomb, I usually get 2-3 uses out of mine! It also fills your tub with TONS of bubbles!! :D

Shampoo: Big

I cannot recommend it enough! It smells like fresh dryer sheets for your laundry and it has real piece of sea salt to make your hair shiny, fresh, and clean! It really gets the grease out! I have oily skin and greasy hair so this works wonders!

Conditioner: Retread (liquid) and Jungle (solid)

Retread smells AMAZING and it makes my hair feel amazing too! Jungle smells equally amazing, like the rainforest!! :) It is solid too!! Less packaging = less environmental damage.

Cleanser: Ultrabland (paste) & Fresh Farmacy (solid)

Both of these products are beyond wonderful. My skin is SO oily. I start with Ultrabland. I smear this paste all over my skin and eyes. Its primary function is to remove pollution, dirt, dust, and grime off your beautiful face! It can be used alone but since my skin is soooo oily I followed up w/ Fresh Farmacy. The ultrabland is also marketed as a safe makeup remover! :)

Fresh Farmacy has both chamomile and calamine in it to sooth your face. If you have REALLY oily skin, Coalface might be a better option since it has charcoal in it and it's a bit more abrasive. If your skin is both oily AND sensitive, Fresh F. is the way to go. LUSH also makes little crumbly cleansers you can add water to to make a paste but I find those are pretty messy (think Herbalism, Angels on Bare Skin, Dark Angels, etc.) and are best left for shower cleansing!

Toner: Tea Tree Water

This stuff is pretty awesome. You mist a few pumps onto your face after you cleanse. It removes the excess cleanser and helps your skin's pores absorb the moisturiser which goes on next! :D

Moisturiser: Vanishing Cream

This special cream costs about $37 and it's worth every penny! Throw that old Clinique shit away, those drugstore creams, etc. You might even pay more for a moisturiser from Sephora. Well, don't! Buy this stuff instead! (Or a similar LUSH moisturiser for your skin type! They range from normal to combo skin to oily and sensitive skin!) If your skin is oily, Vanishing Cream is for you. It's got witch hazel, lavender water, rose water, and I think tea tree. It's perfect because it literally "vanishes" off your face and absorbs into your skin rapidly without making your face feel oily or greasy!!

I hope that was helpful to some of you gals (and guys!) who are interested in trying LUSH but not sure how to afford it or what to buy!

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