Sunday, July 18, 2010


Do you like to write snail mail letters? Have a penpal or two or three or more?! Well, I am pretty obsessive about my stationery. I have a vast collection. I guess this post will be me showing off said collection! :)

Most of it I obtained from either Kawaii Gifts, a local shop in Pittsburgh where I love to go after eating lunch at Sushi Too (Walnut Street in Shadyside) or the Ross Park Mall location.

It started out as a small shop selling cute stuff from Japan. They've since expanded. Someday I would love to own a little shop like this that sells not only cute items from Japan but pink stationery sets with cute characters on them, and maybe even lolita or gyaru clothes. >D

Hehe I can dream can't I? Anyway. I have a few penpals I like to write to. Some are from overseas! It's a great way to stay in touch with friends you met in your travels as well.

So without further ado....!

Oh and a lot of it came from my trips to Japan, gifts from friends, and also from the Sanrio store in Orlando. :o)

Kawaii Gifts has a website you can visit here.

Happy shopping! :)

My entire collection! This was taken a few months ago and I got a couple of new ones but not too much more.

Banao! He is so awesome, haha. My dad got me some of these. He is a huge fan of Banao the Banana Business man too. OR should I say Business Banana(man)?!

Little Witch Town stationery sets. Oops I left a price tag on one! As you can see it's not cheap but totallllly worth it. It's so cute. I use these sparingly though! :) They remind me of my favourite Hayao Miyazaki movie - Kiki's Delivery Service! :D

Hello kitty and Charmmy kitty! SO Cute and SO pink!

BtSSB Stationery Set! :)

MORE! :)

Notepads. :)

I am also a huuuge fan of kawaii/cute stickers. Here is part of my vast & growing collection! :D

My dream stickers so to speak. They have liquid in them!! SO CUTE! I will never ever ever use these! xD haha. Sometimes I just collect and not use!

The cuteness of these stickers will make your head explode!

Don't forget your stamps!

One last over-head shot of my epic collection.

And as a graphing calculator! I never leave home without! I wanted to deco it but I think all of the rhinestones would fall off so it got stickers instead! :D

Well that is all folks! Hope you enjoyed my stationery collection picspam haha. BTW I hosted these all on my account so I hope they stay up!!!

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